Database Administration 24×7

100% Specialized database administration.

Grupo Horama offers a wide range of services including database administration and security, O/S optimization, middle-tier support and advanced monitoring and forecasting. All services are provided 100% on-demand directly from our 24x7x365 Global Operations Center.

Remote DBA Services

Horama provides secure 24×7, 100% reliable remote database administration services for Oracle and Cloud database environments.

Database Security Services

Horama’s Database Security service helps customers protect their most valuable and sensitive data from internal, external and intra-database threats.

OS Services

Horama’s Operating System services are architected to ensure customers’ server environments are cost-effective, highly available and exceeds performance expectations.

Monitoring Services

Horama’s monitoring services help your organization proactively predict, analyze and prevent database availability and performance problems.

GoldenGate Services

Horama’s GoldenGate support services allow customers to fully leverage the benefits of one of the industry’s leading heterogeneous replication architectures.

Supplemental DBA Service

We augment your in-house DBA(s), freeing them for projects and high-profile initiatives. You choose a service package that is specifically tailored to support your in-house DBAs.